Video-based interpreting platform for online simultaneous interpretation


What is cAPPisco?

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For companies

The ideal solution for offering simultaneous interpretation during meetings on the web conference platform of your choice.


For events organisers

A cloud-based interpreting platform for live simultaneous interpreting during on-site and online events, with podcast sound quality.

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For interpreters

An interpreter-friendly, video-based interpreting platform, developed by and for interpreters, that comes as close as possible to the experience in an actual interpreting booth or an interpreting studio.

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For listeners

A user-friendly listening app for online live simultaneous interpretation during all your online and on-site meetings and events.


How does it work?

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Interpreting platform

The interpreters are discretely present at your meeting or event to listen to what is being said and interpret ‘side-by-side’, on a fully-featured, video-based interpreting platform, in a professional, virtual interpreting booth, where they can see each other and work together as a team.

Cappisco app

Listening app

The listeners listen to the simultaneous interpretation through a user-friendly listening app on their smartphone or tablet. The listening app can be opened on a PC or a laptop via a listening-URL.



Interpreters hear and see one another

VIP (Video-based Interpreting Platform)

Interpreters do not only have the audio channels or additional devices to communicate amongst themselves during their assignment, but they can also communicate with each other visually, both in the lounge and in the individual booth, and work together as a team effectively. This allows, among other things, the crucial ‘handover’ to proceed smoothly and comfortably.

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Exclusive meeting place for interpreters

You enter the lounge on cAPPisco and there you meet your colleagues on the team immediately; you can see everyone there and talk to each other.

From there you are led to a virtual booth, where you can see your boothmate and chat with him/her without disturbing the meeting participants.

The lounge is also the place where interpreters can meet each other and have a chat during shared and individual breaks.

Can be combined with a platform of your choice.


cAPPisco can be combined with ALL web conferencing platforms.

The client can therefore hold meeting on the web conferencing platform of their choice (Webex, MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).

cAPPisco works ‘side-by-side’. That means that the interpreters are only present in the client’s virtual meeting room (without a camera and microphone) to hear what is being said in the meeting room. Subsequently they interpret on their own cAPPisco interpreting platform.

Clients listen to the simultaneous interpretation via an extremely user-friendly listening app.

The advantage is that the interpreters, as discrete participants, are present at the client’s meeting and can see anything that the participants can see on the screen, so they have the same meeting ‘experience’ as the other participants. What is more, interpreters have a fully-fledged interpreting platform, thanks to caPPisco, on which they can interpret comfortably and communicate with the other interpreters on the team, without disturbing any of the meeting participants.

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Bring your own booth

Bring your own booth


cAPPisco is a ‘BYOB’-application (Bring your Own Booth); interpreters can offer their virtual booth(s) to clients themselves. Technical support is possible, if desired, but not indispensable. Interpreters get a link to access the virtual hub (the interpreting platform) and the listeners receive an access code to listen to the simultaneous interpretation on the cAPPisco app.


Add your own logo

Both the cAPPisco interpreting platform and the listening app are fully customisable with a logo of your choice. An individual interpreter, a recruiting interpreter or an interpreting agency can change the default style of the application to taste. In this way you can cultivate your personal relationship with the end customer and promote yourself with your own logo or that of your end customer.

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