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The story behind cAPPisco

I am an enthusiastic freelance conference interpreter with an entrepreneurial spirit who likes to put interpreting teams together. Hand in hand with an extensive network of experienced colleagues, with the most varied areas of expertise and language pairs, I believe in a professional approach, optimal quality and a customer-friendly attitude, and act accordingly.

Just like all the other conference interpreters I experienced the unprecedented digitalisation of our occupation first-hand in 2020. To be honest, I had mixed feelings about this as after all ‘real life’ meetings with colleagues and clients are our core business. But digital suddenly became part of the new normal, also for interpreters And ‘Remote Simultaneous Interpretation’ suddenly became a much sought-after formula that, moreover, is undergoing rapid evolution and is becoming increasingly effective. Een ding is inmiddels zeker, RSI is als zeer vernieuwende technologie een blijver en vooral een zeer veelbelovende oplossing voor de toekomst.

Yet something in me (a virus perhaps?) made me ‘embrace’ digitalisation and under the motto ‘Never waste a good crisis’ I developed caPPisco with an enthusiastic software developer, a video-based online interpreting platform with an accompanying listening app.

Why? I thought it was important to create a virtual interpreting environment that came as close as possible to the experience and the work comfort in an actual, physical booth, so that interpreters could ‘telework’ under optimal conditions and so that clients could employ their trusted interpreters without sacrificing efficacy, comfort, and quality.

What is my ambition with cAPPisco? I want to further develop this interpreter and customer-friendly application, so that it continues to provide a solution to professional conference interpreters. I want to continue adapting it to changing standards for modern RSI platforms. And of course I hope to make as many colleagues and customers as possible happy with it.

When it comes to online simultaneous interpreting, customers and interpreters actually want the same thing. They want the solution to be comfortable, effective and user-friendly. The solution must therefore be customer-friendly and interpreter-friendly.

Sabine Bourgeois

Sabine Bourgeois​