Hear, SEE and interpret

cAPPisco is a fully-fledged, cloud-based ‘Video-based Interpreting Platform’ (VIP) where conference interpreters can see their boothmates and other colleagues on the team as they interpret online. It offers a professional interpreting environment to the interpreters, a virtual ‘hub’, that comes as close as possible to the experience of a real booth.



You enter the lounge on cAPPisco and there you meet your colleagues on the team immediately; you can see everyone there and talk to each other. From there you are led to a virtual booth, where you can see your boothmate and chat with him/her without disturbing the meeting participants.

The lounge is also the place where interpreters can meet each other and have a chat during shared and individual breaks. You can converse with anyone who is present in the lounge, and to all your other colleagues as well.

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You can talk to your colleague without participants hearing what you are saying, just like in a real booth. The sound will remain in the virtual booth if the microphone on your console is not on and will not be broadcast on the participants’ listening app.

It goes without saying that the console in the booth offers all the features that a professional interpreting console is expected to have: a microphone, a mute button, an A channel and a B channel, several relays, etc. All the languages that are configurated in the session are also available as relay channels on the console.

You can choose to listen to your boothmate during your breaks if you wish. You can always enter the lounge from the booth. You can see if your colleague’s microphone is on or not. You can see which colleague is working on what channel. You can chat to your boothmate and other interpreters on the team in the booth.



The interpreting platform can be fully customised with your own logo or with the logo of your end customer or target group.

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Listening app

The listeners stay on their own platform, but listen to the simultaneous interpretation via the user-friendly cAPPisco listening app.

The listening app can also be activated on a PC or laptop thanks to a secure listening URL.