Online Simultaneous Interpretation

Listening app

Podcast sound quality

This user-friendly cAPPisco listening app for Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) can be opened in no time on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. With a secure code, you gain access to the language channel of your choice and listen to simultaneous interpretation with podcast sound quality.


Via a smartphone or tablet

You can download the cAPPisco app on your smartphone instantaneously and get direct access to the language channels of your event with a secure access code. There you will get to hear the interpreters with podcast sound quality. You can also adjust the volume of the language channels.

Download cappisco QR-code

Download de app

Scan the QR-code with your smartphone and download the listening app.

Cappisco app

Using the cAPPisco browser extension

Use our Chrome or Edge browser extension and add this handy version of the listening app to your browser. At the time of your meeting, which you then also open in Chrome or Edge, you click on the cAPPisco icon in your browser and, using the cAPPisco session ID and password of your session, you can directly access the language of your choice. You will enjoy automatic floor switching between the original and language channels.

browser extension screenshot
Cappisco for Microsoft Teams

With cAPPisco for Microsoft Teams

Do you have an Microsoft Teams company account and do you want to offer simultaneous interpretation directly IN your meeting or event on Microsoft Teams? Then add cAPPisco for Microsft Teams to your meeting! Your participants will be able to select the language of their choice with a simple click on the cAPPisco icon in Microsft Teams and attend your multilingual meeting in their own language.


Via a laptop or PC

If you prefer not to listen via your smartphone, you can also open the listening app on your laptop or PC. You can do this in two ways: via a secure link that you receive before your event or with the desktop version of the listening app that you can download here and for which you receive a secure access code per event.

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Cappisco app with your logo


Just like the interpreting platform itself, the listening app is customisable; after all, you can have your own logo appear in it. An individual interpreter, a recruiting interpreter or an interpreting agency can change the default style of the application to taste. In this way you can cultivate your personal relationship with the end customer and promote yourself with your own logo or that of your end customer.